Eddy County, New Mexico Weather by Month

January: January in Eddy County is winter, with average temperatures ranging from 27°F to 56°F (-3°C to 13°C). Winter is generally mild compared to many northern states, but occasional cold fronts can bring colder temperatures. January tends to be one of the drier months. Check baglib for climate in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

February: Similar to January, February remains in the winter season, with temperatures ranging from 32°F to 63°F (0°C to 17°C). There can still be cooler days, but signs of spring start to emerge, with increasing daylight hours.

March: As spring officially begins, temperatures in March range from 39°F to 71°F (4°C to 22°C). Springtime brings more pleasant weather, with blooming flowers and an increase in outdoor activities.

April: April marks a transition to warmer weather, with temperatures ranging from 47°F to 79°F (8°C to 26°C). Spring is in full swing, and the landscape becomes more vibrant as plants and trees continue to bloom.

May: May is characterized by spring turning into early summer, with temperatures ranging from 55°F to 87°F (13°C to 31°C). This is a relatively dry month, with longer daylight hours and warmer evenings.

June: Summer officially arrives in June, bringing warmer temperatures ranging from 63°F to 94°F (17°C to 34°C). Days are longer, and residents and visitors alike enjoy outdoor activities.

July: July is typically the warmest month in Eddy County, with temperatures ranging from 69°F to 97°F (21°C to 36°C). It’s hot and dry, with occasional monsoonal moisture bringing brief afternoon thunderstorms.

August: Similar to July, August maintains high temperatures, ranging from 67°F to 95°F (19°C to 35°C). The monsoon season continues, with the possibility of afternoon rain showers and thunderstorms.

September: As summer transitions to fall, September temperatures range from 58°F to 88°F (14°C to 31°C). The monsoon season starts to taper off, and the weather becomes more stable.

October: Fall is evident in October, with temperatures ranging from 46°F to 78°F (8°C to 26°C). Days are cooler, and the landscape begins to change as deciduous trees shed their leaves.

November: November sees a further decline in temperatures, ranging from 34°F to 65°F (1°C to 18°C). Fall colors persist early in the month, and there’s a transition from the milder fall weather to the cooler winter climate.

December: Winter returns in December, with temperatures ranging from 27°F to 55°F (-3°C to 13°C). It can be a chilly month, but snowfall is relatively rare. December nights can be crisp, and residents often celebrate the holiday season with festive decorations.

It’s important to note that these are general climate trends, and actual weather conditions can vary. Local weather forecasts provide the most accurate and up-to-date information for specific days.

Eddy County, New Mexico