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Czech Republic

Yearbook 1996

Czech Republic. In June, the country held its first general elections since the Czech Republic and Slovakia went separate routes in 1992–93. The election was a disappointment for Prime Minister Václav Klaus and his party Občanskaokratická strana (Democratic National Party). Nevertheless, Klaus, with President Havel as mediator, managed to form a center-right minority government with 99 of the 200 seats in the People's Assembly.

1996 Czech Republic

In November, the Czech people voted again. According to, this time to appoint representatives to the newly created Senate with its 81 seats.

After two years of negotiations, the Czech Republic and Germany agreed on a joint declaration, in which Germany apologized for the occupation of Czechoslovakia in 1939 and the subsequent terror, while the Czech Republic in turn apologized for the Sudanese minority being thrown out of the country during the first post-war years.

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