Tours to Dominican Republic

The brightness of picturesque landscapes and eternal summer, hundreds of kilometers of clean beaches, coral reefs and picturesque lagoons, the originality of culture and friendly locals – this is how a tour operator in the Dominican Republic, reveals this unusual island!

Holidays in the Dominican Republic, or, according to Columbus, Hispaniola, are able to satisfy the wishes of every tourist: diving, yachting and surfing for lovers of active water recreation, the beauty of Santo Domingo, Cibao, Costa del Ambar, the Samana Peninsula for connoisseurs of sights and historical values.

Individual tours to the Dominican Republic from Moscow and other regions of Russia are an opportunity to see for yourself that the island country of the Caribbean is a tourist paradise! Capital shopping in Santo Domingo, spicy cuisine of local restaurants, the most prestigious hotels and secluded bungalows, treasures buried in the sands of endless beaches – all this is the Dominican Republic, a blessed tourist Mecca!

Russian citizens do not need a visa to enter the Dominican Republic for the purpose of tourism. At the entrance to the country (in front of the passport control zone) a tourist card (“tarjeta del tourista”) is issued for a stay of 30 days. There is a fee of $10 or €10 for the card.
When passing through passport control, you must present the following documents: a
passport valid for at least 1 month from the end of your stay in the country;
return tickets or tickets to a third country.
The period of stay in the country can be extended by 90 days by contacting the local police station.

Flight: from 12 hours (direct).

Customs rules:
The import of foreign currency is not limited (the declaration is obligatory), the export – in the amounts declared in the declaration (export of more than 10 thousand US dollars in cash is prohibited). Import and export of local currency is prohibited.
Allowed duty-free import of up to 1 liter of alcoholic beverages with a strength of up to 22%, up to 2 liters of less strong drinks, up to 500 g of coffee, up to 200 cigarettes or one box of cigars, up to 2 bottles of perfume (must be opened), as well as personal items and gifts worth no more than $100.
The import of products of animal, agricultural and horticultural origin (that is, almost all products) and drugs is prohibited (the import of some medicines is also limited).
It is forbidden to export without special permission objects and things of historical and artistic value (especially raised from the bottom of the sea), some types of orchids and the core of a palm tree, as well as cigars in the amount of more than 50 pieces per person.

You should not exchange money on the street and in the markets – currency fraud accounts for about half of all crimes in the country.
When driving on local roads, you should be extremely careful – the driving style of local residents is quite extreme (to put it simply – everyone drives as he pleases).

It is recommended to have international health insurance with you.
No special vaccination is required.
It is strongly recommended to use bottled water for drinking, and boiled or specially purified water for brushing teeth and making ice.

Dominican rum: Bruga, Barcello and Imperial; Licoco in coconut – rum infused with coconut; local drink Mamajuana (mamahuana) – rum with honey and herbs, with an aphrodisiac effect.
Cigars: Fonseca, Casa Blanca, Cubita, La Aurora are considered good.
Local coffee also deserves attention: Cafe Santo Domingo is considered the best.
Amber here is found not only honey, but also red, green, black and even blue. A semi-precious stone with the poetic name larimar (pectolite, or Dominican turquoise), which is found only here.
Local paintings in the style of “naive art” attract tourists with their bright colors. When purchasing such a canvas by a local artist (and every second artist paints here), do not hesitate to halve the price.

Cap Cana

The elite new resort, located in the eastern part of the Dominican Republic, has a reputation as one of the most expensive and luxurious holiday destinations on the entire Atlantic coast. This is a fairly new project that was founded by major investors such as Donald Trump, Ritz-Carlton, Sotogrande and others. The resort is located 10 minutes from Punta Cana International Airport. The total area of ​​the resort is 120 square kilometers, and the length of the coastline is about eight kilometers. Accommodation is possible both in luxurious rooms of comfortable hotels equipped with swimming pools, jacuzzis, saunas, etc., and in villas with their own beaches. Cap Cana is one of the most prestigious resorts not only in the Dominican Republic, but throughout the Caribbean. Ideal for lovers of luxury, impeccable white sand beaches, golf, sea fishing,

La Romana

The resort of La Romana is located 114 km north of Santo Domingo and covers an area of ​​7 thousand hectares on the Caribbean coast. There are no special attractions in the town of La Romana itself, people come here to enjoy the magnificent nature of these places, a relaxing holiday with the family, excellent golf, and diving. Near the resort of La Romana is Bayahibe beach, which is deservedly considered one of the most beautiful in the Dominican Republic. Almost opposite the beach of La Romana are the islands of Catalina and Saona, which can be reached by boat or catamaran. Here, diving enthusiasts will find the most interesting dive sites on the entire coast. In the Bayahibe area there is a large artificially sunken ship.

Punta Cana

A resort area located in the eastern part of the island, where the Caribbean Sea merges with the Atlantic Ocean. Here is an international airport with a unique palm leaf roof. A wide choice of hotels for every taste, all resort hotels operate on an all-inclusive basis, pay great attention to entertainment, sports and animation programs for adults and children. The beaches of Bavaro, Macao, Cabo Enganyado, Cortecito, Cabeza de Toro and Punta Cana, located close to each other, amaze with their beauty, their length is about 32 km. Uvero Alto Beach is located 60 km north of Punta Cana. Its main feature is bright golden sand and complete privacy.

Tours to Dominican Republic