Vatican City 1996

Yearbook 1996

Vatican City. During the year, Pope John Paul II visited, such as Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Germany and France. Prior to his French visit, the Vatican City was reported to have suffered from an inflamed appendix. In early October, the Pope underwent surgery at a clinic in Rome. After the surgery, which was described as very successful, the doctors also announced that they had not discovered any signs that the Pope would have developed any further cancerous tumor. In 1992, he was operated on for a malignant colon tumor.

On April 19, the Vatican Conclave appointed 78-year-old German Cardinal Josef Ratzinger for a new pope under the name Benedict XVI. The appointment did not come completely unexpectedly. Ratzinger was after the Pope the Vatican’s strongest man. For decades he had been at the head of the Vatican Assembly for the Doctrine of the Faith – successor to the Inquisition. He had been John Paul’s right-hand man, and for decades had been central to the shaping of Vatican politics. Just the day before the council’s meeting, he had declared: “The faith of many Christians has been rocked from one extreme to the next in these years; from Marxism to liberalism, to the libertarian; from collectivism to radical individualism; from atheism to mysticism. (…) This has created a dictatorship of relativism that does not recognize definitive dogmas and which ultimately only recognizes the ego and its aspirations ”. It is believed that Ratzinger will fight for the fundamental doctrine of Catholicism not to be departed from in matters of theology, church organization, women’s rights, sexuality and procreation. One of Ratzinger’s close associates, Cardinal Camillo Ruini, declared in the spring of 2005 that today’s European culture: “stands in sharp contrast to Christianity and all of humanity’s religious and moral traditions.” Ratzinger’s person is considered “stiff-minded” and unpopular in large parts of the Catholic Church. He is known for persecuting dissidents – especially those within the church who are termed “progressive”.

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In September 2006, the pope insulted the Muslim world as he quoted a 14th century Christian conqueror as saying that Prophet Muhammad had brought only “bad and inhumane things to the world”. The pope had to apologize to the Muslim world, but by then an Italian had been killed in Somalia and several church attacks in Palestine. Nevertheless, the event was distinguished by the fact that the pope was able to apologize for his religious violations. Denmark was unable to do so when, one year before, the Jutland plague brought its Muhammad abusive drawings.

Population 1996

According to, the population of Vatican City in 1996 was 669, ranking number 235 in the world. The population growth rate was 0.310% yearly, and the population density was 0.0000 people per km2.

The population of Vatican City now is approximately 800 people. It is the smallest sovereign state in the world and has a population made up mainly of clergy, religious workers, and citizens who work in Vatican City. About half of the population are citizens of Italy, with the other half made up of citizens from other countries. There are also a small number of diplomats and foreign visitors living in Vatican City at any given time.