Sights of Papua New Guinea

Port Moresby is the state capital. This city lies in the natural bay of Papua. In general, the territory of the city is not too large, its historical part was able to fit in a small area between two small bays, but in recent years, modern suburbs and individual villages have begun to grow around the Gulf of Papua. The architecture of the city is incredibly diverse and controversial, here you can find both old colonial buildings and modern offices and banks, and dilapidated houses are scattered on the outskirts of the city. You can get a closer look at the local architecture in the northern part of the city, where the main government buildings are concentrated, including the Parliament, the building of which is made in a rather peculiar style – a mixture of modern architecture and traditional motifs for these areas. It also houses the National Museum. where you can learn more about the history of Papua New Guinea, as well as a Catholic cathedral in an unusual style for such a structure. The historic center of the city, called “Town” by the locals, is surrounded by the 98-meter-high hill of Paga, which offers the best view of the capital and the sea coast. In the northern part of the Town lies Ela Beach Park, and in the central quarters of the area you can find many buildings of the 19th century. The most modern quarter of Port Moresby is called Boroko, here are the best hotels and shops, here is also the largest shopping center in the city, which includes numerous restaurants and shops. The main attraction of the capital is the National Botanical Garden, which contains plants from all over the country. One of the parts of the park is made in the form of a map, and in each area of this map there are plants from the corresponding part of the country. In total, more than 3,000 varieties of orchids grow on the territory of the botanical park, which is the largest collection of these plants in the southern hemisphere. One of the places that travelers should visit is the Kokoda Trail, which links the southern and northern coasts of the island. This place can be considered at the same time the most beautiful place in the country and a real historical treasure, since during the Second World War it was in these places that the most fierce battles took place between the Japanese and the allied forces. Kokoda Trail is a beautiful place that stretches along the Oweg Stanley mountain range, it is completely covered with dense rainforests. For the real thrill-seekers who are not afraid of difficult places, incredible pictures of beautiful waterfalls, the purest rivers open up here, and in the forest more often you can stumble upon bunkers, defensive structures and artillery positions of both warring parties. In the south of the small town of Mendi, at an altitude of 800 meters, one of the most unusual places in the country is located – Lake Kutubu. In 1998, the lake was included in the list of natural monuments of world importance. The uniqueness of this most beautiful mountain lake lies in the fact that 10 species of fish live in its waters, which are not found anywhere else on the planet, and in total 14 species of fish live in the lake. From this place begin the most exciting hiking trips to the most beautiful places in the area. Mendi Valley is popular among tourists for its unique landscapes,

National cuisine of Papua New Guinea

It is difficult to define the national cuisine of Papua New Guinea, since most of the dishes were borrowed from the countries of Oceania and Southeast Asia. Western and Asian cuisines are the most common in the capital and in the surrounding area. Almost all local restaurants and eateries offer both European and Asian dishes, the menu is usually very extensive. Going deeper into the interior of the islands, one can find that rather simple dishes from various root crops (sweet potatoes, yams, etc.), rice, poultry and game meat prevail here. On the table there are usually all kinds of salads from a wide variety of ingredients, vegetables, fried breadfruit, etc. Dessert is most often represented by various fruits.


It is impossible to get from Russia to Papua New Guinea right away, flights are made with transfers, it is best to fly through Singapore. The country has one international airport located in the capital. It is most convenient to move around the country by air or sea transport. Dense rainforests made it impossible to reach some parts of the country by any means of transport other than by plane. It is best to immediately purchase an air pass for one month, so you can save a significant amount of money.

Currency exchange in Papua New Guinea

As of October 2011, the national currency rate is 1 USD = 2.13 PGK. The official currency is the kina. Local banks are open until 15.00, you can exchange currency in addition to banks at the airport and hotels. The most favorable rate is observed in private exchange offices, where there is often no commission for the exchange, in contrast to banks, where the commission is 0.2-1% of the exchanged amount. In Port Moresby, in large shopping centers and restaurants, you can pay by credit cards, there are ATMs in the capital, but it is almost impossible to use them without a local bank account. In branches of many banks, in major cities of the country, travelers checks can be cashed without any problems. It is advisable to take checks in US or Australian dollars.

Sights of Papua New Guinea