Seychelles 1996

Yearbook 1996

Seychelles. The Government’s Economic Development Act (EDA) adopted in November 1995 was met in February by protests from the UK, France and the US. Under the EDA, every person who invested at least $ 10 million in the country was guaranteed immunity from being expelled and having their assets seized. That guarantee was described by the G7 Group’s Financial Action Task Force as “a serious threat to the world’s financial system”. This prompted the Seychelles government, led by President France Albert René, to pass legislation that would prevent the EDA from being used to “launder” illegal money.

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Seychelles – Victoria


Victoria, capital of Seychelles; 21,200 residents (2012). Victoria, located on the northeastern coast of the island of Mahé, has the island’s only deep harbor, which is of great importance for the country’s foreign trade. The city is the country’s economic and cultural center. Here you will find teacher education and hospitals. Just outside the city, an international airport was built in 1971.

Population 1996

According to, the population of Seychelles in 1996 was 76,538, ranking number 200 in the world. The population growth rate was 1.670% yearly, and the population density was 166.6283 people per km2.

Seychelles Population Distribution by Age