Nauru 1996

On February 13, 1997, Parliament elected Kinza Godfrey Clodumar as new president – the 4th in just 4 months. As one of his first steps, he started attracting foreign investment – especially from Australia. In December, the country resumed diplomatic relations with France, which had been suspended since 1995 in protest against the nuclear tests in French Polynesia.

In late 1997, Clodumar demanded that the world drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The president emphasized that Nauru is in danger of disappearing into the sea as an indirect consequence of global air pollution.

The country’s residents, who just a few years ago had one of the world’s highest incomes per year. In recent years, the population has experienced a drastic decline in their living conditions due to the government’s mis investments. Clodurmar’s successor, Bernard Dowiyogo, lost the confidence of Parliament and was replaced in April 1999 by Rene Harris at the presidential post. The most serious problem in the island is that the minerals that used to be the country’s most important source of income are almost depleted. Harris was unable to deal with this problem and resigned from the post in April 2000. In these circumstances, Parliament re-elected Dowiyogo as president.

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In August 2001, 460 illegal emigrants – predominantly Afghans, but also Singaporeans and Thais – were rescued by a Norwegian freighter as their own ship sank. The cargo ship sought to set them off on Christmas Island, which is Australian territory, but Australia refused to accept them. After several days of diplomatic negotiations, an agreement was reached that 150 refugees could come to New Zealand, while the rest should be sent to Nauru. Canberra offered the Naurus government to pay all expenses in accordance with the law. refugees.

The same year, the International Finance Action Group took steps against Nauru because the country had not strengthened its anti-money laundering legislation. It was therefore put on the list of countries that did not want to cooperate on the issue. The following year, the United States raised $ 70 billion US $ withdrawn from Russia in 1998 was deposited into accounts in Nauru.

Population 1996

According to, the population of Nauru in 1996 was 10,517, ranking number 225 in the world. The population growth rate was 2.260% yearly, and the population density was 531.4000 people per km2.