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Yearbook 1996

Greenland. Also in 1996, the debate was characterized by the tours around the American so-called Thule base. In the spring, it was proposed that the defense base be opened for civil aviation to promote the tourism industry. During the fall, a criticized Danish study found that the indigenous population who had moved from the area to make room for the Thule base's expansion in the 1950s was not forced to do so and that financial compensation would therefore not be paid. Thuleborna has demanded a complete investigation and an official apology from the US and Denmark.

1996 Greenland

The economic dependence on Denmark was also strong in 1996; about 60% of the Greenland State's revenue was Danish grants. Even in 1996, shrimp fishing was a completely dominant export industry, although investments were made in expanded tourism. Unemployment stopped at around 12%.

The first discovery of diamonds on G. was made in November at a sea beach ten miles north of Nuuk by the company Platinova. The diamond, a 0.28 millimeter micro diamond, was found in a loose rock block of kimberlite rock. The experts made the assumption that the kimberlite wire with conceivable diamonds lies beneath the lake, which has been formed by the collapse of the soft rock. Platinova has allocated 40 million Danish kroner for diamond mining in 1996 and 1997. There are also expectations that the Greenlandic nature, besides diamonds, will hide resources of gold and oil, and several projects are underway to explore this.

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