Grenada 1996

Yearbook 1996

Grenada. Former Prime Minister Daniel Williams became the new Governor-General of Grenada on August 9 after Sir Reginald Palmer, who held the position since 1992. The country gained a new special ministry for women’s affairs when Prime Minister Keith Mitchell reformed his government on September 30. Head of Department became Lourina Waldron, one of the two women in government – Deputy Prime Minister responsible for health, housing and environmental issues became Grace Duncan.

At the same time, the much-criticized Agriculture Minister Joslyn Whiteman was replaced by Mark Isaacs. Instead, Whiteman had to take responsibility for, among other things. tourism and social insurance.

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Inflation rate 0.90%
Unemployment rate 24%
Gross domestic product (GDP) $ 1,634,000,000
GDP growth rate 5.10%
GDP per capita $ 15,100
GDP by sector
Agriculture 6.80%
Industry 15.50%
Service 77.70%
State budget
Revenue 85.8 million
Expenditure 102.1 million
Proportion of the population below the national poverty line 38%
Industrial production growth rate 2.00%
National debt 70.40% of GDP
Foreign exchange reserves $ 207,700,000
Tourism 2014
Visitors 134,000
Revenue $ 120,000,000

Population 1996

According to, the population of Grenada in 1996 was 100,177, ranking number 196 in the world. The population growth rate was 0.810% yearly, and the population density was 294.9647 people per km2.

Grenada Population Distribution by Age