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Yearbook 1996

Cuba. Two private aircraft, which were deployed by an exile Cuban organization in the United States, Brothers to the Rescue, were shot down outside Cuba. of Cuban MiG plan February 24. The shooting took place in international airspace, and the UN Security Council approved a resolution condemning Cuba's actions. As a direct result of the incident, the US Congress passed a law that made it difficult for countries to trade with Cuba. According to, the so-called Helms-Burton law meant, among other things, foreigners whose businesses have financial interests in property confiscated by the Cuban state would not be granted entry visas in the United States. The law was highly controversial. The EU criticized it harshly. The UN General Assembly condemned both US financial sanctions against Cuba and the Helms-Burton law in November. Cuba's president Fidel Castro got an audience with Pope John Paul II in mid-November.

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