Valparaíso, Chile Sightseeing

Valparaíso is the seat of the legislative power, it offers a great variety of beautiful and picturesque places, such as squares, hills, neighborhoods, fishing coves, beaches, avenues, streets full of nooks and crannies that offer visitors landscapes full of grandeur, beauty and typicality.

Those who visit Valparaíso not only get a break from their routine, but also find a heritage past, an original geography and intricate architecture, its poetic and artistic legacy, cutting-edge and traditional gastronomy, but above all a lifestyle.

The hills Alegre and Concepción not only offer a patrimonial urban landscape to visitors, but also a good number of innovative design shops. Here, the story of people who took the opportunity that tourism offers, betting on creativity and the quality of their products.

On the coast you will find well-known spas; Reñaca, Concón, Quintero. The city of Valparaíso is the most important national port and Viña del Mar, the most recurrent resort for national and foreign tourists.

Places such as Mirador Portales, Mirador Esperanza, Mirador O’Higgins, Mirador Marina Mercante, Paseo 21 de Mayo, Paseo Yugoslavo, Paseo Gervasoni, Paseo Atkinson and Paseo Dimalow, are ideal when it comes to seeing the port city in a panoramic way. Many of these viewpoint walks are packed with tourists in the wee hours of the morning, all to have a more privileged view of the pyrotechnic show; as well as there are tours between the oldest hills of the city (Cerros Alegre and Concepción), in which, in addition to contemplating English architecture colonial houses and churches from the early nineteenth century, tourists can enter contemporary museums, gardens and small squares, viewpoints hidden between houses and balconies and a unique magic that surrounds the hillside neighborhoods.


In Valparaíso there are various monuments, which have been erected in honor of different national and foreign personalities:

British Arch Monument inaugurated in 1911 and the work of the Chilean architect Alfredo Azancot. This monument covered in white marble has the figure of the Victorian British Lion on its upper part and on its sides medallions with the effigies of Cochrane, O’Higgins, Simpson and O’Brian, with the stylized shields of both countries. It was donated by the British Colony resident in Valparaíso on the occasion of the 150th Anniversary of the Independence of Chile and 425 years of the discovery of Valparaíso.

Bernardo O’Higgins Riquelme
This monument was built at the initiative and expense of the Valparaíso Police Department in homage to the Father of the Nation. It opened on 17 September as as 1910 and is located in the Cerro O’Higgins.

Juan Bautista Pastene bust
Opened on December of October of 1961, it is located in the Parque Italia and was erected in honor of the Italian captain, navigator and explorer in the service of Spain. He was the first Governor of Valparaíso and the first Admiral of the South Pacific. It is a bust donated by the city of Genoa to the city of Valparaíso.

Camilo Henríquez
It is located on Avenida Brasil with Calle Rodríguez and was held in homage to Camilo Henríquez, Chilean politician and writer who founded the first national newspaper, La Aurora de Chile. It was made by the sculptor Ricardo Santander.

Christopher Columbus
It was inaugurated on September 23, 1877. It was commissioned from France in 1875 and its first location was on the Crucero Rubio, next to the Italia Park. Since 1895 it has been on Avenida Brasil with Calle Freire. The monument to Christopher Columbus has the merit of being the first to be raised to the Discoverer of America on this continent and the second in the world.

Diego Portales
Monument located on Avenida Brasil with Calle Pudeto in homage to the statesman, politician, businessman and economist Diego Portales. This was donated by the Valparaíso Chamber of Commerce to the city in its 450 years of existence.

Eloy Alfaro
Monument inaugurated on October of October of 1938 and located on Avenida Brasil and Calle San Ignacio, erected in honor of the General and political Ecuador, President of his country between 1902 and 1906. It is a symbol of Chilean-Ecuadorian friendship and was raised on the occasion of the 118th anniversary of the Independence of Guayaquil.

Francisco Bilbao
Monument erected in honor of this Chilean writer and politician, located in Plaza Wheelwright.

Francisco de Paula Santander
It is located on Avenida Brasil with Simón Bolívar. This monument was donated in 1963 by Colombia and at first it stood in front of the Turri clock but later, in 1981, it was moved to its current location.

William Wheelwright
Monument opened on February 12, 1877. It is currently in Wheelwright Plaza across from Customs.

Isabel La Católica
It is located on Avenida Brasil with Calle Edwards. It was inaugurated 7 of August of 1976 in honor of the Queen of Spain who protected Columbus in their companies. The monument was made in Spain by Emilio Laiz and was a contribution from the Institute of Hispanic Culture.

Juan Bautista Alberdi
Argentine writer who lived in Chile during the Rosas tyranny, settling in Valparaíso. It was inaugurated on 28 as August as 1985 and is located in Avenida Argentina.

Juan de Saavedra
Monument erected in honor of the Spanish Captain who discovered the Bay of Valparaíso in 1536. It was the initiative of the Corporation of Art and Tourism of Valparaiso and funded by SOCIBER Ltda. It was inaugurated in November of 1977 and is located on Avenida Brasil with Avenida Francia.

José Manuel Balmaceda
It was inaugurated in 1920, it is located on Avenida Brasil with Avenida Francia and was built in homage to the founder of “La Libertad newspaper”. He was also Minister, Deputy and elected president in 1886.

Lord Cochrane
It was inaugurated on February 12, 1873. This originally occupied the Plaza Sotomayor, but in 1920 it moved to its current location, on Avenida Brasil with Bellavista. It was the first to be built in Valparaíso at the initiative of Mayor Francisco Echaurren.

Micaela Cáceres widow of Gamboa
An honorary citizen, pioneer of South American female mutualism. His tribute was located on Calle Rawson with Calle Victoria and, currently, it is located on Avenida Argentina with Calle Colón. It was opened in May of 1955.

Monument to the Heroes Navales
It was inaugurated on 21 of maypole in 1886 in tribute to the heroes of the Naval Battle of Iquique and Punta Gruesa during the War of the Pacific (1879 – 1883). In this crypt are the remains of Arturo Prat, Serrano, Riquelme and the Unknown Sailor.

Valparaíso, Chile Sightseeing