Using the Focal Point to Enhance the Visual Male

If you want to invest in a striking visual is not enough to invent something like shirt mustard with tie magenta or green suit with the pinstriped orange, the fashionable man knows when to use the colors in your favour, but, more importantly, also knows how to use them in the right measure. One of the tricks to do this is the “focal point”.

Using the Focal Point to Enhance the Visual Male

But what is the focal point in men’s fashion?

It is from that point of clothing that attract the eye immediately, enhancing the combination and calling the attention of the people in a positive way.

How to use?

The preference is that he stay in the trunk area, a focal point in the area of the hip, for example, can be a disaster. The closer to your face, the better, in addition to call attention to this part of your body, it can even make you look taller.

What to use?

Usually smaller pieces or that do not dominate the look are chosen for this type of resource. For men one of the most exploited is the tie, because it makes the look more aligned, and, when well chosen, can completely change the style and sophistication of a costume, or is, the one black suit with a white shirt that seems so common can become much more striking when accompanied by the accessory the correct.The tie is not alone when we talk about focal point, scarfs, scarves, and even shirts (since that will not dominate the visual field) can become tools in this case, but probably the tie is by far the most versatile.

Colors and materials

A contrasting color or vibrant will always draw more attention, but here is the warning to take extreme care with this, something very flashy can cause an effect totally unwanted, attracting attention for the wrong reason! If you opted for a hue of strong, there is no need for a pattern with large drawings or a fabric that looks like metal so bright. Be careful!

The opinion of the author

Every day I get some e-mails from readers asking about combinations of suit, shirt and tie to some kind of event. Most of the times the person who asks also claims to have aversion to suits in sober colors and white shirts, always looking for an amalgam of colors the magic of the pieces mentioned above, that will leave all watched speechless as the sight of so much beauty!In fact the looks with a suit for a wedding, for example, does not have many variations especially if you follow the strict formality of the event, the more usual continues to be the dark suit, shirt clear (when not white) and tie to taste. So why not take advantage of it? Choose a necktie with care, and tear it up.

In short

  • Mix a lot of colors is not always the best solution, especially when you have a formal attire;
  • The focal point makes people look where you want and for what should be posted;
  • Always keep it on the top part of the look, preferably near the face;
  • The tie is a big joker in this case, your choice of prints and colors allows various combinations;
  • Scarves, scarves, scarves, shirts and t-shirts also work, since that will not dominate the visual field;
  • Strong colors are a good choice, but be careful with exaggeration;
  • This feature is ideal for weddings with dress code ” costume social, or the full tour”, where it is not required, black tie.