The Statue of Liberty for Tourists

Visiting Liberty Island is basically free of charge, but there is a fee of around US $ 20 for using the ferries. Private ships and boats are not allowed to dock on the island. The ferries leave from Liberty State Park in Jersey City and Battery Park in Lower Manhattan – a very popular boat tour. in the New York Pass, in the New York CityPASS and in Explorer Pass the free visit to the island is included.

Comprehensive information on the Statue of Liberty in general, regulations and opening times can be found on the corresponding National Park Service site.

Course of the boat tour

If you want to take one of the ferries to Miss Liberty, you must first go through a strict security check (similar to that at the airport). Large bags, rucksacks, strollers and other large items may not be taken to the island, but must be stowed in lockers. The ferry then takes its passengers to Liberty Island first. Unfortunately, the way to the Statue of Liberty itself cannot be made by boat; it has to be done on foot. On the way back with one of the next boats, a short stop is made on Ellis Island. If you want, you can end the boat tour here and visit the very impressive museum there. If you don’t want that, you can just stay seated. Overall, one should go for visiting Liberty Island and Ellis Island plan around five hours.

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Guided tours

In addition to being able to explore Liberty Island and Miss Liberty on your own, there is also the option take part in a guided tour. The four-hour tour includes priority boarding on the ferry from Manhattan and access to the base of the Statue of Liberty and the Immigration Museum on Ellis Island contain. The tour ends on Ellis Island.

Cost: around 50 euros per person

Visit the base and the crown of the Statue of Liberty

Both the base and the crown of the Statue of Liberty can be entered. However, you have to purchase a free ticket to do this. As these tend to sell out very quickly, it is definitely worth making a reservation in advance. Of the approximately 8,000 to 28,000 people who visit Liberty Island every day, only 20 percent get the opportunity to step onto the plinth and 7 percent get the opportunity to step onto the crown. Another security check must be passed before entering the Statue of Liberty.

The base of the Statue of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty Museum is currently still located in the base of the Statue of Liberty. The pedestal’s observation deck can be reached via 215 steps and offers a great view of the Statue of Liberty and the Manhattan skyline. A lift is available for a small part of the route.

Attention: Food and drinks (except water), rucksacks, handbags, laptops, strollers, long umbrellas and tripods may not be taken into the base!

The Statue of Liberty Museum

The Statue of Liberty Museum in the base of the Statue of Liberty opened in 1972. At that time the Immigrant Museum was still located there, and can now be visited on Ellis Island. The most important exhibit in the museum is the original torch from 1886, which had to be replaced on the statue itself. There is also a detailed biography with many details about the history of the creation of the Statue of Liberty. The steel skeleton inside of Lady Liberty can also be admired through the glass ceiling.

However, many of the artifacts have currently been removed, as the museum is currently moving into a specially built, new exhibition building. The new museum will offer space for more people, can be visited in future without prior reservation and offers a panoramic view of the New York harbor and the Manhattan skyline from its roof. The opening is planned for May 2019.

Lady Liberty’s crown

A narrow spiral staircase leads to the viewing platform of the crown of the Statue of Liberty, and you should be physically fit to climb it. There is no elevator.

Attention: Only the ticket, a camera and medication may be taken into the Krone. All other items must be stowed in lockers. Children under 1.20 meters are not allowed to enter the crown and the name on the ticket must be the same as that on the passport. Tickets are not transferable.

What else there is to see for tourists on Liberty Island

In addition to the Statue of Liberty itself, several plaques are installed on and near the colossal figure.

One on the copper cladding at the lady’s feet announces that the statue represents freedom, designed by Bartholdi and made by the Parisian company Gaget, Gauthier et Cie. was built.

Another shows the statue as a gift from the French people, honoring the alliance of the two nations in gaining independence for the United States and confirming their enduring friendship.

There is a plaque from the New York Committee commemorating the fundraising campaign, and at the cornerstone is a plaque placed by the Masons. There is a bronze plaque with the poem “The New Colossus” by poet Emma Lazarus, which was written to finance the statue, and another plaque commemorating the life of the poet.

There are also five statues at the western end of the island by the sculptor Philip Ratner from Maryland, depicting the Americans Pulitzer and Lazarus and the French Bartholdi, Laboulaye and Eiffel.

The Statue of Liberty for Tourists