The 10 hottest places on earth

The maximum measured temperatures on the ground are decisive for compiling the following ranking list of the ten hottest places on earth. So it is neither an average temperature nor the air temperature.

1st place: Dascht e Lut, Itan

The Dasht e Lut desert is 70.7 ° C, the hottest place of the world. The conditions there are so hostile to life that even bacteria cannot survive in the long run. The Dascht e Lut desert covers an area of ​​almost 170,000 m² and is located northeast of the Zagros Mountains.

2nd place: Queensland, Australia

The state of Queensland is in northeastern Australia. Inland, a peak of 68 ° C was measured. There are a multitude of colorful coral reefs along the Pacific coast, which is why Queensland is a very popular holiday destination in Australia, especially for divers.

3rd place: Flaming Mountains, China

The “Flaming Mountains” in China are located near the city of Turpan in the northwest of the country. With a maximum temperature of 66 ° C, this natural spectacle occupies the last free place on the podium. The mountains are on the Silk Road, one of the most important trade routes in the ancient world.

4th place: El Azizia, Libya

Africa is generally considered the hottest continent, but with 57.7 ° C it only ranks fourth in this ranking. The city of El Azizia is located on the Mediterranean Sea about 50 kilometers from the capital Tripoli. Since the temperature measurement dates from 1922, this value is often questioned.

5th place: Death Valley, USA

With 56 ° C, Death Valley is the hottest place on the American continent and part of the Mojave Desert. On July 12, 2012, the highest temperature in the world for night time was measured in Death Valley at 41.7 ° C. Death Valley stretches across the states of California and Nevada in the western United States.

6th place: Kebili, Tunisia

The city of Kebili is centrally located in Tunisia in the middle of the Jebil National Park. The highest temperatures ever recorded are 55 ° C for Kebili. In addition to the Jebil National Park, the Chott el Djerid salt lake north of Kebili is also of tourist importance.

7th place: Ghadames, Libya

The oasis town of Ghadames is located in the border triangle between Libya, Algeria and Tunisia, about 600 kilometers from the capital Tripoli. Far from the Mediterranean coast, Ghadames mainly attracts culture lovers. The old town of Ghadames is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The highest temperature in Ghadames was 55 ° C.

8th place: Timbuktu, Mali

Timbuktu is located in the heart of Mali, but contrary to popular belief it is not the capital of the West African country. The highest temperature ever measured in Timbuktu is 54 ° C. An important part of this is the proximity to the Sahara, which in Timbuktu ensures the characteristic, very dry desert climate almost all year round.

9th place: Tirat Zvi, Israel

In the kibbutz Tirat Zvi on the border between Israel and Jordan, the peak was 53.6 ° C. Tirat Zvi is 220 meters below sea level and is the lowest point in the ranking of the hottest places on earth. The next bigger city is Bet Sche´an, which is about 10 kilometers north of Tirat Zvi.

Number 10: Lake Havasou City, USA

Lake Havasu City is a city on the lake of the same name in Arizona with 60,000 inhabitants. Lake Havasu is a reservoir fed by the Colorado River. The most famous sight in Lake Havasu City is the London Bridge, which originally led over the Thames in the 19th century and was later sold to the USA. The maximum temperature reached at Lake Havasu was 53.2 ° C.

Lake Havasou City, USA