The 10 fastest land animals in the world

What are the 10 fastest land animals in the world?

It is not uncommon to discuss and speculate which is the fastest land animal on earth. Falcons, dolphins or even cockroaches are often mentioned – only they are not land animals. The falcon sets its speed record in the air, the dolphin in the water and the cockroach are insects. That is why we want to provide clarity in this article and introduce you to the top 10 “real” fastest land animals.

Biodiversity is the order of the day in the “back” tiers

Places 10 to 7 are shared by a predator that is also kept as a dog, a ratite, a hare and a hoofed animal. The top speed of all four is between 70 and 80 km / h. The greyhound is ranked 10th, which most people would probably associate with dog races, in which these lightning-fast animals chase a dummy rabbit. 9th place is the ostrich, from the genus of ratites. It is native to Africa and grows up to 2.5 meters tall. This also makes it the largest bird in our world. At rank 8 you will find the brown hare, which should be known for its fast hooks. The wildebeest, an African antelope genus, is in 7th place. Despite its sluggish-looking nature, it reaches up to 80 km / h.

These ungulates are among the 10 fastest land animals in the world

The American Quarter Horse is a mixed breed of horses living on the American continent. It reaches a top speed of up to 80 kilometers an hour. It shares 5th place in our list of the fastest land animals in the world with an antelope species, and it is also the largest breed of its kind with well over four million registered horses Travel to India or Nepal. The Thomson Gazelle is probably the best known of its kind and it reaches a top speed of over 85 km / h. It is most common in Kenya and Tanzania, where it was named after its Scottish explorer Joseph Thomson at the end of the 19th century.

fastest land animals in the world

The top 3 has really earned its place

To be exact, the springbok and the Mexican pronghorn would have to be in second place together. They both reach a speed of around 88 kilometers an hour. The springbok, like the deer goat antelope, is an African antelope genus. It lives mainly in the southern part of the African continent and is similar to the fifth placed Thomson Gazelle. The Mexican pronghorn lives, as the name suggests, mainly in northwest Mexico and the southwestern USA. Open steppes and a wide field of vision are the living conditions that suit this genus the most and spur it on to top speeds. The absolute, undisputed number 1 of the fastest land animals in the world is the cheetah. It reaches a proven top speed of 120 km / h. However, the big cat can “only” hold it up for 400 meters before there is a rapid drop in performance. However, no other land animal manages to contest her first place.