Thandie Newton with a Horrible Thing in Your Head

I think that since that Victoria Beckham He attended a meeting with the Queen of England with a system solar in the head which reminded me of the models used to do the school hadn’t seen anything more horrible in another famous head.

Thandie Newton tends to have a sophisticated style, trend but without being a fashion victim and knows what’s left. But apparently some Goblin robo all mirrors of your House because I do not think that it has been looked at and said “Well you feel me this ornament”.

And also have the courage to attend the annual ice rink opening in the Somerset House in London with cream and cream of London society with that nest of birds on the head. It is a good example of how feathers should not be used and the touch he ruined a good outfit in black and red. Their Mary Janes are adorable, but from the neck up, everything is terror.