St Julians in Malta

The St. Julians area of ​​Malta is known for many things. Here you will find beaches, hotels, bars, strip clubs, language schools and also traditional fishing boats and large yachts.

St Julians was originally a small fishing village, something you can see traces of in Spinola bay, where the traditional luzzo boats are still crowded and you can see fishermen laying out their nets in the morning. Now it is full of hotels and modern buildings, but you can still see much of the old palaces if you walk around the areas.

According to Physicscat, St Julians is popular with both the locals, the expats who work in Malta and the many language students who come from Italy, Spain and the Nordic countries to learn English under the sun.

As a destination, St. Julian’s is easily accessible. It is a 20-minute taxi ride from Malta Airport, and you can also take a local bus from the airport. From St. Julians you can easily get to other destinations on the island.

The local buses work great as transport if you are going to Valetta, Sliema or towards the sandy beach in Melliah. It costs 1.5 to 2.5 euros depending on whether it is high or low season. The bus runs along the promenade to Valetta, so it is a good way to see much of the island.

In St. Julians you will find everything from local food to fine restaurants in the exclusive marina in portomaso. In St. Julians you will find the entertainment district Paceville (pronounced patcheville) which offers nightclubs that are open until late at night and there are always a lot of people in the summer. For a family with children, it is better to move more towards spinola bay, which has calmer and nicer restaurants.

If you feel that you want a simple holiday with sun, swimming and good food, you have come to the perfect place, everything is within a short walking distance. From St George’s bay, the local beach you get to the Casino in 10 minutes, 5 minutes you have bay streets shopping center and 2 minutes more you have Eden Cinemas with cinema, bowling and other entertainment.

If you feel that you want a slightly calmer and more luxurious holiday, you can go down to the Portomaso marina. Although it is just a stone’s throw from Paceville, it attracts a different audience and here you will find more peace and quiet, and can have a glass of bubbly in the champanger while admiring the big yachts that are bouncing in the sheltered harbor.

It can be good to know that St Julians is flooded with Swedish language travel students during the summer months. Some may find it somewhat clunky when young people go out and have fun, but that is also part of the charm of this area. There is always a nice and happy atmosphere and always something going on.

If you live in a hotel in St. Julians, it is likely that you have a pool on the roof, but if the hotel does not have it, you can try the pool in Villa Rossa if you are tired of the Mediterranean.

To sum it up, St. Julian’s is a destination with a lot in a small area, but you also get to share your holiday with many others who have found the same gem.

St Julians in Malta