Scandinavian Jewelery: the Trend from the Far North

Whether in the interior, fashion or accessories: Scandinavian designs and labels have regularly been on the top of the Trend our site for several years.

Personally, as a lover of fine jewelery, I am particularly impressed by Scandinavian jewelery. The glittering jewels of the northern lands possess a very special charm that has captured my heart by storm.

But what is the secret of Nordic designs? In the following article, you will find in compact form everything worth knowing about Scandinavian jewelery and my very personal favorite fires! I wish you lots of fun! As shown in Fig.

Scandinavian Jewelry: Our Site Designs to Fall in Love

Whether it’s Acneour site K, or our site: Numerous Scandinavian brands have made the leap into the local market over the past few years and now enjoy absolute cult status. In addition to old-fashioned Nordic giants such as our site or H & M, the hype around the casual designer brands from the far north is currently bigger and bigger. And there is no end to the trend!

But what is the secret of Nordic designs and, in our case, especially Scandinavian jewelery?

Well: The typical look of Nordic women is characterized by skilfully fashionable understatement, which refers to its beauty with simple, sleeveless lines and timeless shapes.

The jewelery, which accompanies this internationally sought-after style, is similarly uncluttered and uncomplicated.

Rings, bracelets and necklaces of well-known Scandinavian jewelery brands such as Bering or our site Denmark are characterized by clear lines. Here at wholesaleably you can get more information of the jewelry brands. Too much ski-ski and too playful designs in the collections of these It-Labels in vain. Instead, there is a certain casual attitude and cultivated minimalism, which is dotted with refined details.

After all, jewelery from Denmark, Sweden and Co. must fulfill three criteria. First: He must be understated. Second: Timelessly noble. And thirdly: easy to combine.

At the same time, the individual pieces attach great importance to high-quality processing and qualitative raw materials. The reason: fashion jewelery, which is worn only one season, is not in demand with the Scandinavians. our site are treated there as long-term favorites, which are worn for many years.

All these factors make Scandinavian jewelry a modern must-have, which definitely enriches every wardrobe. As shown in Fig.

Scandinavian Jewelery: My Favorite Fires

Cool Scandinavian jewelry brands are currently conquering the fashion scene. My two personal favorites among the fashionable Nordic labels are Bering and our site Denmark, which represent for me the quintessence of typical Scandinavian designs.

Bering is a very young Danish brand, who saw the light of the world in 2008 and celebrated great success within a very short time.

In addition to wonderfully our site earrings and bracelets, the brand also offers the so-called Arctic Symphony Collection.

This line consists of refined rings, which can be freely combined with each other thanks to the patented Twist and Change System.

The jewelery pieces are divided into cleanly designed inner and outer rings made of different materials such as ceramics, stainless steel, yellow or rose gold. All you have to do is choose the inner and outer rings and combine them according to your taste. This way you will be able to obtain wonderful individual treasures. This simple yet ingenious system is typical of the Scandinavian style in its uncomplicated way.

My second favorite brand is called our site Denmark.

This label inspires me with wonderfully filigree earplugs, rings, bracelets and chains that play with timeless geometric shapes and come out uniquely modern and understated.

My personal favorites are the fine bracelets of the label, which can be combined wonderfully with each other and look untroubled.

As you can see, Scandinavian jewelery is currently just about right. You should definitely take a closer look at these hot prizes!