Rookies Future of Swedish Brands

While Stockholm Fashion Week rounds gives purchasing fair Rookies on Älvsjömässan a foretaste of future Swedish fashion exports. New this year are under department Players, for more established brands with at least three years of production in the back.

Last summer bade fair on a cautious play with color and shape and now appears among others Julian Red Jeans as a fresh addition. Malmö-based Robert & Blad snaps vest twice while Julian Red, among other things, shows up a bag that I intend to try to get their hands on.

The marks that appear in the show are from Zoestyle, Poodle, Demin, which is a new Swedish brand which focuses on fair production ( we told you they would start popping up soon ), Robert & Blad, who participated in the Rookies also last year. And last but not least Julian Red Jeans, we alsomet in Copenhagen the other day.