Relay: Henrik Vibskov

Our series relay continues with the Danish designer Henrik Vibskov.

* * *

  • What is the story behind the brand Henrik Vibskov?

Hhhmmm. History, history. So fashion school, demand, production, tours. And before you know it you are in the race. The story’ve kind of just come by itself, as history often enough do. Of course I have had dreams and ideas, but much of the progress has come in stages, where an event has affected the next.

Some times, especially during the past year, I have felt that everything has gone very well and the company HV has become very large. But I try letting things natural course and not force an expansion based on the idea of financial gain, for example. Instead, I let the expansion to come on the basis of sheer lust.
And then I’m also very happy to see the back and think of all the things I’ve done over the years.

It has always been important for me to have fun, and it still is. And so I guess I’m curious by nature, and that is probably what the main driving force that brought both for me and for the company forward.
Fun, luck and good surroundings might.

  • What is your vision and goals regarding your fashion creation?

That said, I take great extent things one at a time and the seasons, one at a time. I know it is much more fashionable to have five or ten years’ visions and plans, but it works well not for me. It should be the desire that drives the work, and what I have the desire to five years, I give not really a thought now. But now we will open soon an online store, and it will be exciting.

And I have also some small plans in the head to open a physical HV-store, possibly in Copenhagen. But the idea is still only in the initial phase.

The direct contact with the man on the street is very important for me, so that’s maybe why I am extra careful final consumer in a period when I would otherwise spend most hours of my life in front of a computer and in my studio.

My teacher at St. Martins always said, that before you made ten collections, you are worth nothing. Soon I will start with my ninth, as yet, I have not shown my worth.

  • How do you think that men’s fashion will evolve over the next three years?

In a good way. Men’s fashion is all the time more seriously in the media, giving place to more alternatives to the current fashion scene. It is of course also media markets face financial gain, which makes this possible. But it benefits the entire industry, and ultimately even the small brands.

  • What brand / designer, if anything, would you like to do a collaboration with?

I dare hardly speak. Everyone is so damned scared condemnation of capitalism’s entry into culture, as if it had always been there. So I do not know, but I have heard of a shoe manufacturer from Oregon in the United States, which seems interesting.

  • What will be the strongest trend in men’s fashion this fall?

Do not have a fucking clue – sorry.

  • What three pieces should be mandatory in every man’s wardrobe?

My own favorite is the socks. But I think the question is silly. Such a list only serves to give people false ideas as to how they should be. You can not say that all men would have a better life if they owned such a home rock or a cowboy hat.

  • Who do you think we should interview next? Why them?

Gitte Wetter is a girl, who had just gone out Kolding Design School. I know her because she had previously made his internship at me. Now she is ready and vastly talented and nice girl.

Amidst all the business going, I learn again and again that personal relationships are among the most important for a good partnership. Of course it is a great privilege that is not all the privilege, but it does not feel good just to have business relations with people, because you respect them until they waving a big bag of money.


* * *

Henrik Vibskov, you can buy at Beneath in Stockholm, Wood in Copenhagen or Aloharag. comif you prefer to shop online. Soon, you can also buy “Vintage Vibskov, one-offs, production fuck ups etc. on… “. Look out for it!
We have no pictures unfortunately, but we compensate by posting more pictures in a smaller size instead.