Relay: Gitte Wetter

Our series of Scandinavian designers continues! Previously, we have interviewed Dirty Fine Generals and Henrik Vibskov.

What is the story behind the brand Gitte Wetter?
The story is not very long, but it started in a town in western Jutland with a lot of drawings and some ceramics. Then I found out that I would make clothes, and now I just finished the Kolding School of Design. There I spent the last five years of my life.

After three years I was on internship at Henrik Vibskov which gave me the courage to start doing menswear. Since then I have not done anything.

My design is characterized by the childish, humorous and colorful transferred to oversized menswear. My latest collection is inspired by street art artist Jean-Michel Basquiat and has become a mix of colors, drawing and collage.

Now I keep on getting out the collection in stores in Denmark. It will soon be up for sale. What vision and objectives do you have with your work as a fashion designer? I have many goals because I have just started. I’m still pretty green and still have far to go. But I hope of course that I as soon as possible to get my clothes on sale around the world. It’s good to get recognition and that people will think that what you do is cool.

I hope to continue to experiment and make clothes that are different. The most important thing for me is not to be commercial and to retain the energy I have now. How will Mr courage to develop the next three years? It’s already happening quite a lot on the men’s side, so I think it’s just going to fall on. Men have become more interested in what clothes they buy and spend almost more money than women. Meanwhile, men have become more open to non-traditional clothing, and more interested in having unique garments. I can only hope that it is a trend that is here to stay. Who or what would you like to collaborate with? It’ll probably be Walter van Beirendonck. He seems to have a huge number of crazy ideas and good energy. In addition, Jan has the schooled a lot of talents, including Bernhard Wilhelm. I think it would be very instructive. What will be the strongest fashion trend this fall? I think it will be either black, or the opposite. A lot of color. Who knows? What three pieces should be in every man’s wardrobe? Ahhh, it’s easier to say what should not be there. You have to have fancy shoes, there’s nothing worse than a handsome guy with ugly shoes. Or just a neat black suit.

Who should we interview next?
Because I think that there are too few women who make men’s clothes may become Siv Støldal from Norway.