Relay: Ann-Sofie Back

It’s been a while since last time, but now we finally got hold of Ann-Sofie Back – next participant in our series, relay race.

What is the story behind the brand BACK?
– We spend an incredible amount of time and money on research for the main collection. Sometimes it feels as sad to leave an idea for the next season. It is a way to give really good ideas, a longer life and a backlash against fashion’s news-hysteria. Many of my ideas is also growing up over a longer period of time, while I also often premature and other designers who will be influenced by me are the ones who end-up making money on what I started. With BACK I can “own” an idea for a long time.

What is your vision and goals regarding your fashion creativity?
– To hold my own interest in fashion flaming a prerequisite … Besides that, world-domination.

How do you think that men’s fashion will evolve over the next three years?
– Dirty male-learning course be big. Otherwise, I think the humor, integrity and masculine in men’s fashion.

What brand / designer, if anything, would you like to do a collaboration with?
– I do not know, but some dream-brands would surely be Martin Margiela, Gap , Chanel or Vivienne Westwood . We are already making collaborations with Topshop and Dr Martens.

What three pieces should be mandatory in every man’s wardrobe?
– A white worn, dingy, sit with the beer can in front of the new sports-linen. A pair of jeans that make irresistible ass and damn clean underwear.

Which Scandinavian men’s designer do you think we should interview next? Why them?
– Nakkna, they are the best right now.

See a slideshow of backs coming autumn / winter collection here!

You will find BACK in the following stores: Eskilstuna: Your Weekend Fashion Store Gavle: Fico Gothenburg: Weekday Halmstad: Dodici Jonkoping: Bobby Karlstad: The Grand Ballroom Malmo: Spirit Stockholm: Neu, Jus, Weekday Rest of World: See list here



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