Regions and Beaches in Bulgaria


The main advantage of Bulgaria is its diverse resorts. They are here for beach, medical and skiing, promoted and very young, large and small, for relaxation of body and soul. In general, there is a place to relax for every taste.

  • Introduction to education system in Bulgaria, including compulsory schooling and higher education.


This ancient romantic city is all under the protection of UNESCO. Here you can swim and see unique sights. In general, almost the entire city is a landmark with its amazing streets and houses. And Nessebar is a paradise for gourmets, as there are a huge number of cafes and restaurants, including traditional ones.


Pomorie is a well-known sea and balneological resort with fairly low prices. Some are not satisfied with the quality of service in this region, but many really like it, especially considering its budget. Here you can improve your health, go sightseeing and taste good wines and cognacs. An ideal place for a quiet holiday with children.


One of the largest cities in Bulgaria with beautiful clean beaches, museums and low prices for holidays. You can do a good shopping here.

sunny Beach

This is a very popular bustling resort with many beaches and active entertainment. The water and sand here are very clean, but the prices are quite high. But the infrastructure for recreation is extremely well developed.


This resort is not expensive, but not very beautiful either. The only thing it is notable for is a beautiful botanical garden, but it will not be very interesting to rest here for the whole trip.

Golden Sands

A large active resort, a little cheaper than Sunny Beach, but very hot. Suitable for nightlife lovers.


Varna is a popular cultural and economic center of the country. There is a large and convenient bus station from where you can go to other countries and almost all cities in Bulgaria. This city is especially interesting for its sights.


A small inexpensive young tourist village. It is developing rapidly, so it is possible that soon there will be an opportunity to have a luxurious rest. The resort has a very warm sea, low prices, there is a water park and an amusement park. In general, a great place for a relaxing holiday with children.


A resort with clean beaches, water parks and an amusement park. Prices here are low, as the resort is still developing. Also good for a relaxing family holiday.


Resort town with expensive hotels by the sea. The beaches here are clean, there are balneological resorts nearby, but there is almost no infrastructure other than hotels. But good for a relaxing holiday.


The beaches of Bulgaria are popular with tourists due to the warm Black Sea and clean pebbles or sand. Eleven of the country’s beaches have the “Blue Flag” of UNESCO.

Cocoa Beach

Beach in Sunny Beach resort. It is loved by fans of water sports – surfing, yachts, water skiing, scooters, etc. Also, every summer famous DJs and fans of club parties gather here.

There are no high waves on the beach, the coast is sandy, the slope of the bottom near the sea is small – an ideal place to relax.

The beaches of Golden Sands

The beaches at this resort are very clean, the sand on them is fine and yellow, and they themselves are surrounded by dense greenery. Golden Sands is very fond of young people, as there are nightclubs, discos and parties everywhere. However, there are activities for children as well.

Albena beaches

The beaches of this resort are often awarded the Blue Flag. The beaches are long and wide, clean, with a fine sandy bottom. The climate in the resort is mild, so people often come here to relax with children.

Primorsko beach

The length of this beach is 10 kilometers, and there are a lot of hotels and hotels on it. There are also campsites for “wild vacationers” and camps for children. The beach, by the way, was awarded the Blue Flag.

“Gold fish”

This beach is located north of the town of Sozopol, towards Burgas, and is part of the camping of the same name. The beach is long, calm and secluded. Here, for a fee, you can put up a tent, there is a shower and toilet, there are restaurants. Often students, youth and adventure lovers rest here. An evening in a tent at the campsite costs from 700 rubles for a four-seater tent.


This beach is located at a distance of 5 kilometers from Sozopol, also on the campsite. There are many noisy companies and nudists. The water is clear, but mostly turbulent, with undercurrents and waves.

Beach in Shkorpilovtsi

This is the longest beach in Bulgaria, its length is 13 kilometers. It’s a wilderness, very clean air and water, and there are hotels.


This beach is located near the resort village of Sinemorets. The bottom here has a habit of sharply changing the depth, so it’s better not to rest here with children. But adults really like the local wildlife.


One of the most popular beaches for those who have a rest in the south of Bulgaria. It is distinguished by diverse nature, fine sand and clear Black Sea water.

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Beaches in Bulgaria