“Pregnant Women More Beautiful in The World”

Lately there seems to be a fever by motherhood among celebrities who bring the Stork more crazy than ever. Above all, by the responsibility that involve these Cherubim. So this gives us the opportunity to see interesting maternity styles. The of Salma Hayek is more relaxed, the of Mile impeccable, the of Nicole rather fashion And the Christina Aguilera?

Well, in the words of Paris Hilton, the singer is “Pregnant women more beautiful in the world”. And although I can not say categorically that as well, however if I have to in some way support the claim of Paris.

Christina has looked fantastic in his last appearances, both parties prior to the MTV Video Music Wards 2007 as in the own awards. In particular this cut green dress strapless with deployment clasp in your stomach that disguised its still saved to voices perfectly secret, is precious. The Silk Satin turquoise went perfectly with their pink sandals and lips game.

But where it is exceeded if same was at the Emmy’s, with that long white outfit of A skirt, a strip of embroidered lace and black unlazo in the neckline with straps of the same color. Rojismos lips as you love singer and expectant mother, and much but as much style, not just on the red carpet but on stage.