On Soft Child Soles - Baby Moccasins of Summer Sweats

On Soft Child Soles – Baby Moccasins of Summer Sweats

These leather crawling shoes have really done it to me. Small moccas with fringes, feathers or loops are made according to your wishes.

On Soft Child Soles - Baby Moccasins of Summer Sweats

I have been interested in children’s shoes for a long time. Which brands are recommended? So far it is with us but not yet, but also who crawls and pulls up, needs a good stand. Footwear is not yet necessary at this time, but I knew long before pregnancy and childhood that I would anyway anyway Little leathercassins for my baby. Easy to twist sweet!
As I find, Katharina with her label Sommerprosse finished the most beautiful copies in handwork and you can not help but be shot directly into it.

In her parents’ time, the idea has become more concrete, so that a small family business has emerged. Because everybody has his job here. Mama Katharina designs and produces every part in her own studio, son Maximilian is allowed to test and show all shoes as a model and the dad puts the packages on the post.

Katharina describes her fascination with her own product as follows:

“Leather has always fascinated me. By wearing and using it is only more beautiful for me. I love this great stuff. It is long-lasting, breathable and it adapts to every movement. So I sewed the first moccasins for Mäxchen. Right from the start, ideal for baby and children feet. ”

I’ve thought about it myself for a long time, for which I decide what baby feet do well and what is superfluous. But Katharina underlines once again that the light leather shoes provide a good foot climate and are perfect for the development of the foot muscles. They are windproof and give good grip when crawling and running – a feeling like barefoot is created thanks to the soft, flexible sole. The moccasins are always nice at the foot due to the inserted rubber cord.

Whether with loops, fringes or leaves, during summer shorts you can deliver your desires and your miniature shoe will be individually manufactured. Meanwhile, the range has even been expanded by a small collection of clothes and living accessories.

Our baby-moccas have quickly become Mad’s favorites and soon more will be given away to the next new moms in the circle of friends.