Not You Rayes with Your Skirt, Te Feel Divinely

One of the trends that stronger has stuck this season of spring-summer 2013 they have been streaks. And more of those that contrasted in their type black and white tones. It hit strong in spring, but arrived in the summer, we can say that they are still working your way and each one fits your style. Will you do the same as them?

So if you’re of the fashion victims who looking for something different (and your body let you, so trick us) can do it as the protagonist of We wore what. With a crop top with the backless, and a maxi gauzy skirt and full of cuts.

Although if you prefer always you can most teach your legs with a miniskirt and helping you more top with a simple cotton t-shirt. The touch of color? On your feet, as does Lovely Pepa.

Do you think of your ideas?