Kind of Girl Reads The Journal Glamor?

We all know that Carrie Bradshaw is addicted to Vogue magazine but, the same thing happens with? Sarah Jessica Parker? We are tired of seeing celebrities in magazines, but and them? I mean: do you imagine Sarah Jessica coming home, opening the British Vogue and saying: “but what come you this Sienna Miller?? If super sosa!”?

It seems that celebrities read if this kind of magazines. At least, this is what it purports to make us believe the company that owns Vogue, Glamour magazine and Vanity Fair, among thousand other. Condé Nast It has launched a advertising campaign starring actors, models, singers and other celebrities.

“All these stars appear glamorous to reading situation his”favorite magazine”. Who is the number one reader from? Glamour? Maybe nothing more and nothing less than Eva Longoria. So, you know, if you’re addicted to “the magazine’s fashion and beauty market leader”, have much more in common with this Hollywood star than you thought. I, as I love Christina Ricci, I’ll have to start reading the W Magazine, to see if it hits something (see below).