Jean History: Wrote Rivet

The other day we had a question about what denim really was.
We knew right away that it’s time for a little series of denim history. Here we will sort out all the concepts.

We start with some simple story of a rivet. It began with jeans was Levi Strauss. He took out a pair of pants for use in gold mines in the United States. For that they would keep as good as it was only possible during the tough circumstances, were no longer satisfied with simply stitching together pieces of trousers. They even put together the pieces of fabric with rivets at strategic places. As you know, these are still there, even though it is no longer quite the same demands on strength.

But some of the rivets, Levi’s picked off over the years. 1937 begins to cover the rivets on the back pockets after complaints that they scratched chairs and saddles. The rivets later disappeared altogether.

But a fun story is about another rivet. It was the one that held together the jeans in the crotch. The reason for their disappearance is that it started getting complaints from cowboys around the country. They claimed that they had received burns of the rivet when experiencing squat little too close to the campfire. The rivet was fast hot and led into the heat directly to a very sensitive area.

The head of Levi’s, Walter A. Haas, was not convinced about the problem, but decided to test himself. Wearing a pair of 501 he crouched in front of the campfire a short while. On his orders then disappeared in the crotch rivet forever in 1941.

In 1999, a Levi’s commercial in history. To illustrate the problem they were given permission to use Johnny Cash’s classic song, Ring of Fire.
The same song is now planned to be used in another commercial, but this time for a hemorrhoid cream. It was the family cash is not nearly as interested.



Pierre Payet (1641-1719)

Pierre Payet (1641-1719)


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