Irina Lazareanu and Pete Doherty Are Committed?

It seems that this fall is still the time of gossip and revelations. First, we get the Rumor of that the editor of the American Vogue magazine, Anna Wintour, and tennis player Roger Federer they might have one closer relationship than it appears. And now this: it seems that the model Irina Lazareanu and the singer and former Kate Moss, Pete Doherty, are committed. What you think about the news?

My dear y admired Irina with Pete Doherty? You don’t have anything against the leader of the Babyshambles, although it is not that I like it. Simply, I believe that it is not a good company, as demonstrated with Kate Moss. I’m not saying that Irina is a poor and innocent victim, it is clear that it is not an Angel (even looks it), but from there to marry Pete…

Irina and Pete are friends from childhood. In fact, Irina is model thanks to Kate Moss. And why did you know Irina to Kate Moss? Because of its close relationship with the boyfriend. So close to that, with rumors of a possible reconciliation between the British top and singer of rock still in the air, now announces this commitment.