How to Get to Barbados

There is no direct flight from Russia to Barbados. Foreign airlines offer convenient flight options with connections in London (British Airways) and Frankfurt (Lufthansa + Condor). The duration of the flight is 14-15 hours (excluding connections).

Note: according to allcitypopulation, the population of Barbados is 287,708 (2021).

Barbados Airport

Grantley Adams International Airport is located 14 km east of Bridgetown, the capital of Barbados. Airliners from the USA, Europe and the Caribbean region arrive here daily. Today it is the main transport hub in the eastern Caribbean.

The renovated airport building consists of a huge arrivals hall, a luggage compartment, a ticket office, a passport control department and a new customs department. The service area has significantly increased: tourists arriving in and departing from Barbados can sit in a bar or restaurant, buy a variety of goods in specialized shops, including expensive and rare coffee. There are porters at the airport. For their services they ask 1 USD.

The resort area can be reached from the airport by taxi or bus. Taxi drivers work around the clock, which is very convenient. There are no counters, so the cost of transportation is agreed with the client in advance. Buses to Bridgetown depart every half an hour from 06:00 to 00:00. You can also rent a car at the airport and leave on your own.

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The import of foreign currency is not limited (in the declaration it is necessary to indicate the amount of imported money). The export of local currency is prohibited, foreign – no more than the amount indicated in the declaration upon arrival.

Persons over 18 years of age are allowed duty-free import of 200 cigarettes or 450 g of tobacco products, 0.75 liters of spirits and 0.75 liters of wine, 150 ml of perfume and 300 ml of perfumes, as well as gifts and any other goods with a total value of not more than 100 BBD. The import of fresh fruits and vegetables, pets is prohibited.

Phone numbers

  • British Embassy in Moscow (Barbados is under the protectorate of the United Kingdom of Great Britain): Smolenskaya embankment, 10; tel. (495) 956-72-00; The nearest Embassy of Russia is in Guyana.
  • Ambulance: 115
  • Fire Department: 113
  • Police: 112
  • Unified rescue service: 119


Local taxis have fixed fares for certain routes. Before the trip, the tourist should agree with the driver in what currency he will pay for it.

Car rental in Barbados

We note right away that car rental on the island is not a cheap pleasure. It will require an international driver’s license, it is also necessary to obtain a local permit – their cost is 10 USD. Movement is left-handed.

Tourist safety

The island is very calm, with a low crime rate, but tourists still should not lose their vigilance. You should not carry valuables, documents and large sums of money with you – there are safes for this. Hotels have their own security services that keep order on the territory, but it is better not to leave valuable items unattended even in hotels.

Local legislation provides for severe fines and other penalties for all drug offenses.

Visa to Barbados

Blessed Barbados wisely chose not to stand out in visa matters among exotic neighbors with a “loose” type of holiday. Citizens of Russia do not need a visa to visit the island, while the period of stay should not exceed 28 days, which is more than acceptable for a vacation trip. However, strict British rules still respond in this heavenly corner of the Earth: certain documents will have to be presented at passport control. Otherwise, there are no special features – you can move around Barbados without restrictions, there are no tourist fees.

Documents for a visa to Barbados

Required documents for obtaining a visa:

  1. international passport

Valid at the end of the trip.

  1. Hotel reservation

Hotel vouchers or booking confirmation.

  1. Financial guarantees

Confirmation of sufficient funds.

  1. Flight booking

Return flights.

  1. Insurance

Medical insurance.

Barbados Airport