Gemma Ward, an Elegant Ama De Casa

I have already spoken of the Home in the December issue of the Vogue magazine American which appears Penelope Cruz. Such is the fever and passion of Anna Wintour, the editor of the magazine, our most international star that has relegated to the top by Pe Gemma Ward the Interior of the last issue of the year pages.

And not only that. The Australian supermodel has been mopping floors, sweep, and do all sorts of household chores. If this labor intrusiveness is very bad, especially in the world of fashion: designers, actresses making models singers making… Nothing has served it to Gemma Ward have won the Prix Marie Claire best model of the year 2007 that, precisely, is it delivered tonight at the gala celebrating the magazine at the French Embassy.

But well, I helped me to know what signature is the beautiful necklace carrying Mary Kate Olsen a few days ago. Yes, that snake-shaped and carrying the model in this fashion than signature editorial photographer Norman Jean Roy (see second photo gallery). It is a publisher of original and fun, right? Oh, the necklace is a piece Vintage Robin Katz.

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