Garfield County, Utah Weather by Month

Garfield County, situated in south-central Utah, boasts a diverse climate with distinctive seasons. The county’s weather is influenced by its elevation and the stunning landscapes of the region, including parts of Bryce Canyon National Park and Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument. In this detailed exploration, we will examine the weather patterns in Garfield County on a month-by-month basis. Check plus-size-tips for climate in Provo, Utah.


January is the heart of winter in Garfield County, characterized by cold temperatures and occasional snowfall. Average highs range from 34°F to 39°F (1°C to 4°C), and lows plummet between 12°F and 17°F (-11°C to -8°C). Winter storms can bring significant snow accumulation, transforming the picturesque landscapes into a winter wonderland. Residents and visitors alike may enjoy winter sports, and the unique red rock formations juxtaposed with snow create a stunning contrast.


Similar to January, February continues the winter season in Garfield County. Average highs range from 37°F to 42°F (3°C to 6°C), and lows range from 16°F to 21°F (-9°C to -6°C). While the temperatures begin to show signs of a gradual increase, winter remains in full swing. The red rock formations, normally the highlight of the region, now stand out against the white canvas of snow. Visitors may still engage in winter activities, making February an enchanting time to experience the county’s natural beauty.


March marks the transition from winter to spring in Garfield County. Average highs range from 45°F to 50°F (7°C to 10°C), and lows range from 22°F to 27°F (-6°C to -3°C). While the early part of the month may still bring cool days and occasional snow, signs of spring become more evident. As temperatures rise, the snow begins to melt, revealing the red and orange hues of the rock formations. March is an ideal time for those who appreciate a mix of winter and early spring landscapes.


April brings milder temperatures as spring takes hold in Garfield County. Average highs range from 55°F to 60°F (13°C to 16°C), and lows range from 29°F to 34°F (-2°C to 1°C). The landscape undergoes a transformation as the snow continues to melt, revealing the vibrant colors of the desert flora. April marks the beginning of the tourist season, with visitors eager to explore the national parks and monuments that make Garfield County a destination for outdoor enthusiasts.


May ushers in true spring weather in Garfield County. Average highs range from 65°F to 70°F (18°C to 21°C), and lows range from 38°F to 43°F (3°C to 6°C). The landscape becomes vibrant with the blooming of wildflowers, and outdoor activities thrive as hiking and sightseeing become more comfortable. The days become longer, allowing visitors to make the most of the natural wonders that define this region.


Summer officially arrives in June, bringing warmer temperatures to Garfield County. Average highs range from 75°F to 80°F (24°C to 27°C), and lows range from 47°F to 52°F (8°C to 11°C). The longer days provide ample time for outdoor exploration, and the summer season attracts a surge of visitors. June marks the peak of wildflower blooms, and the national parks, including Bryce Canyon, become popular destinations for those seeking breathtaking vistas.


July is the warmest month in Garfield County, with average highs between 84°F and 89°F (29°C to 32°C) and lows ranging from 54°F to 59°F (12°C to 15°C). The county experiences the height of summer, and visitors enjoy the warm and dry weather. Outdoor events, ranger-led programs, and stargazing activities become prominent during the summer months. July is an ideal time for camping and exploring the natural wonders under the clear skies.


August maintains the heat of summer in Garfield County, with average highs ranging from 83°F to 88°F (28°C to 31°C) and lows between 52°F and 57°F (11°C to 14°C). The county experiences occasional afternoon thunderstorms, providing relief from the summer heat. August is also a busy month for tourism, and visitors flock to the national parks and monuments to experience the unique geological formations and outdoor activities.


As summer transitions to fall, September brings milder temperatures to Garfield County. Average highs range from 73°F to 78°F (23°C to 26°C), and lows range from 45°F to 50°F (7°C to 10°C). The changing foliage paints the landscape in hues of red, orange, and yellow. Fall festivals and events celebrate the harvest season, and outdoor enthusiasts continue to explore the scenic beauty of the region.


October marks the arrival of fall in Garfield County, with average highs between 62°F and 67°F (17°C to 19°C) and lows ranging from 35°F to 40°F (2°C to 4°C). The county is bathed in the colors of autumn, attracting visitors seeking picturesque views. Fall festivals and outdoor events celebrate the harvest season, and residents and tourists alike savor the cooler temperatures.


November brings cooler temperatures to Garfield County, with average highs ranging from 50°F to 55°F (10°C to 13°C) and lows between 27°F and 32°F (-3°C to 0°C). Fall foliage persists early in the month, but by the end, the landscape becomes more muted as winter approaches. Thanksgiving festivities are accompanied by crisp autumn air, and residents may experience the first snowfall of the season.


December in Garfield County sees winter returning, with average highs ranging from 38°F to 43°F (3°C to 6°C) and lows between 15°F and 20°F (-9°C to -7°C). While snowfall is relatively rare, occasional winter storms may bring a dusting of snow. The holiday season is marked by festive decorations, and residents celebrate the end of the year in the cool embrace of winter.

In conclusion, Garfield County offers a stunning and diverse climate throughout the year, with each month presenting a unique and captivating experience. From the winter wonderland of January to the warm hues of fall in October, residents and visitors have the opportunity to witness the remarkable beauty of this region and engage in a variety of outdoor activities.

Garfield County, Utah