Forever 21 Carries Men’s Collection to Brazil

On the last day of 20 the Forever 21 opened, at once, more 3 addresses in Brazil, two of them in shopping malls (Bourbon in São Paulo, and Golden Square in São Bernardo do Campo), and one on Rua Haddock Lobo in the jardins, strategically located next to the Riachuelo, the store that was visited by us a few days before the official inauguration, for it was of our interest to take a look at the 21 Men the men’s collection brand in California.

Forever 21 Carries Men’s Collection to Brazil

If you have not been living in a cave in the last year should be within the stir among the female audience when the first unit of the brand was opened, but will the same happen with the men that are seeking a fast fashion stylish and inexpensive?

Unfortunately the answer is negative, in the first place because of the prices that in no way differ from shops as in the above-mentioned Brook, and sometimes even more expensive. Another reason is the style of the pieces offered that are competition to brands such as the australian Cotton On, the american GAP and the brazilian Hering and Memove bringing more of the same for a market that is becoming increasingly saturated. This, incidentally, is a serious problem, because everything that comes to Brazil has the same face and clothes basic for the weekend, but those who need something slightly aligned to work, college or even a ballad whose dress code is a little bit serious, have to resort to the options of always.

Note: according to the magazine report See 10/12/2014 shop – Shopping Vila Olímpia also received the men’s collection, including some items such as blazers for R$219,90 and pants for R$135,90. Let’s go check out soon!

On the other hand, anyone looking for parts casual for moments of leisure you will find some options in the men’s collection from Forever 21, I say some because, while the sector is male is only one corner that represents about 5% of the 1,000 m2 store in Oscar Freire, the fans, is to have the space to grow in the future. Among the products that drew more attention are jackets for$109,00 (photo below) and shirts henley-R$59,90.

The sector of accessories is very skimpy and deserves an upgrade, especially now that men are appreciating this kind of detail, some caps, a single model of the o-ring and a single bow-tie did not do a lot of tickle, although cheap.

The jeans diferentão skirt for$119.00, value not very attractive for a piece is so common, the bermuda color for R$79,00 empatavam with those offered by the major networks of our country, but without any call-to-action that make a most advantageous option.

It is still early to say if Forever 21 goes for the list of the addresses where the men can do good shopping, for while what we saw is not excited, but here comes the winter collection which is always a little more interesting and can bring some positive surprises. Let’s hope!

Forever 21 – The Gardens

Rua Haddock Lobo no. 1550 – Jardins – São Paulo, SP