Ecology May be the Industry’s Tune

There is probably no doubt that the way one chooses to dress is a statement of who you are and how you want the environment to perceive one. We have previously written about the concept of clean clothes, so the clothes manufactured in factories with relatively good working conditions and a way that does not employ child workers in the manufacturing process. If you want to make a real statement with your outfit perhaps it is time to look at the ecological and fair clothing. The site TreeHugger publishes a series of articles about his twelve “favorite sustainable designers” – sustainable designers, freely translated – and the first article mentioned Rogan Gregory, who is behind brands Loomstate and Edun. Edun we wrote, moreover, in March regarding their collaboration with U2’s Bono. Both Loomstate and Edun manufactures garments in 100% organic cotton and manufacturing is in fair factories.

Organic clothing is still a rarity in the international market and want to get hold of the garment requires regular efforts. Loomstate However, you can find the revolve clothing, which also delivers to Sweden.

It is hardly an overly exciting set of garments available in the organic segment, but it is not far-fetched guess that it appears more brands in the near future. Despite higher prices is the ecological aspect a strong bargaining tool, and you can also ensure that the garments manufactured under fair conditions, customer response can hardly be anything but positive.