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Attractions in Dusseldorf

Dusseldorf is packed with attractions and sights. No wonder, the city is big. And diverse! Here you get something for everyone. Just enjoy!

TV Tower Rheinturm

The TV tower is the complete landmark in Dusseldorf, 240.5 meters high. Notice the lighting of the time and you understand that the tower is considered to be the world’s highest digital clock.

St. Lambert’s Basilica

This Gothic-style brick church has its “twisted” tower, special for Dusseldorf. In 1815 the church was rebuilt after a fire. The address is Stiftsplatz 9 in the old town.


Take a trip to Burgplatz where you can admire the city monument provided by Düsseldorfer Jongens in connection with Düsseldorf’s official 700th anniversary.

What at first glance looks like a crashed statue, is actually the whole history of the city in one monument. Burgplatz is located just north of the Town Hall (Rathaus) in the old town (altstadt).

City Hall and Jan Wellem Statue

In the old town (Altstadt) you will find the city’s stately old town hall dating back to the 16th century. At 1500 on Wednesdays there is free viewing for those who want to see it inside.

Outside you see the large statue of Jan Wellem on horseback. Jan Wellem, or Johann Wilhelms II, was an important driver of the city’s development in the late 1600s. This is also considered to be the most important (and best) Baroque sculpture by a person on horseback north of the Alps. The town hall can be found naturally enough on Marktplatz 1, in the old town.

Gehry buildings

You probably haven’t seen your husband anywhere else. Take the tram to the media port, which is the modern port quarter. and the Platz de Landtages stop, and you will find Frank O. Gehry’s surrealistic buildings [see photo first in article]. You just have to take a photograph of these.

Dusseldorf Attractions 2

North Park

This park in the north of the city is big and beautiful. And it contains an impressive Japanese garden. Best of all; there is free entry.

Benrath Palace

Both the tram and the S-Bahn go to Schloss Benrath. Okay to know since the attraction is about 10 km northeast of downtown. Here are several unique buildings, not least the Corps de Logis. This palace complex was completed in 1770. In addition, you will find an exquisitely beautiful park of more than 60,000 square meters around the palace.

Art collection North Rhine-Westphalia

Is there one museum to visit in Düsseldorf then this is it. The collection in NRW includes lots of good modern art, and especially takes care of Paul Klee. The art collection is often called the K20, since it deals with 20th century art. The address is Grabbeplatz 5. NRW or K20 if you wish, is open all week except Mondays. Opening hours are from 1100 to 1700, (1300 – 1700 on Saturdays).

Dusseldorf Attractions

Kunstmuseum Düsseldorf

Here you will be served fantastic art on 3 floors. The ground floor offers glass art, while the upper floors have more visual art. The address is in the north of Düsseldorf, more specifically in Ehrenhof 4/5. Open Tuesday to Sunday from 1000 to 1800.

Schäger Jägerhof and Goethe Museum

The Baroque palace Schloss Jägerhof in Hofgarten also conceals the Goethe Museum. Goethe was, as you probably know, the national poet of Germany and born in Düsseldorf. The address is Jägerhofstrasse 1. Open all week except Mondays. Opening hours are from 1100 to 1700, but only open at 1300 on Saturdays.