Deciphering the Normcore: the New Anti-Fashion Trend

Nice to meet you, normcore. The anti-fashion trend in which be cool is be conventional and that, ironically, should become the next hit of fashion

The reign of hipsters may be on borrowed time. And his successor already has a name: normcore, the anti-fashion trend that preaches to be different is to be conventional. Looks of the day – that require a good part of your time, energy and budget to go out of the ordinary? Ever. The style for those who realize it is “one in 7 billion”, as pointed out by the New York Magazine, normcore is a shy girl and androgynous jeans and t-shirt that is changing as we see the sets.

But … After all, What is Normcore?

Literally, the term is the marriage of the words “normal” and “hardcore”. But no rock bands, leather and fishnet stockings. The “core” is more for an irreverent and ironic attitude, to celebrate the basics and the mainstream in an era of such statement of the alternative.

The term was coined by someone who understands the subject: the trend forecasting agencies Box 1824, of São Paulo and the K-Hole, New York “discovered” the normcore and postulated the young phenomenon in their report of trends, Youth Mode. In the text, the trend is more than jeans and a t-shirt: “Normcore distances himself from a notion of cool based on difference and adopts a post genuineness model that opts for equality.”

We simplify: it is impossible to be unique, since everyone search their individuality on the difference. The normcore is based on the desire to blend in to the crowd and not stand out. is asserting his authority without need of fashion. No sequins or noisy patterns, on behalf of basic and comfortable. Evidence of normcore? The back of Birkenstock Sandals, sneakers and the mom jeans-pants high waist wide modeling, the faces of the years 80/90.

Who is Normcore?

For The New York Times, the parent style, “no brand” Jerry Seinfeld is the essence of the phenomenon. The character of the American television series and Steve Jobs of New Balance sneakers and faithful Turtleneck black form the dynamic duo of normcore. In Hollywood, Kristen Stewart. In fashion, the parts clean, minimalist and cool effortless style of Céline.

How to Wear Normcore?

Even with its rock and roll attitude before the fads, the normcore is still a little snobby-following a blase fashion code. Dressing the normcore is not simply a cabinet sweatshirt; There is an arrogance by denying the fashion and the irony of not giving up. Fact: the productions we see around following the trend are anything but simple. Proportions, texture if tissues are well thought out, everything to look as normal as possible.

The best? The normcore probably already for your entire wardrobe. Neutral colors, straight cuts, sweatshirts, cotton shirts. For those who want to embody the phenomenon, is the hint: dress your best jeans, a black t-shirt, sneakers and a Limpkin who doesn’t give a damn about fashion. Risk a bent bar or even a sweatshirt tied around his waist, like you did after school. Ready, normcore.