Clothing Striped Making Anything But Tired Trend

They began to threaten at beginning of year and since then stripes (more than ever) have been installed in our closet. And while I thought that fashion would be passed soon Since the results are (sometimes) flashy, the truth is that they are still being on foot from canon and whenever I see a stylist with this pattern you still like me. Skirts, t-shirts, mixtures with different stripes, colors or plain clothes, are how the lights?

The maritime are a classic and I would consider them as wardrobe, as always you out of troubles and mixed with smooth tones such as white toCaban being perfect. But if you want something different you can choose fine scratches in Red and white.

Although there are always some that they want to go beyond and be different without going over. Therefore you must do as a Bee and mix different types of completely opposite colored stripes. I like the result, and if I had the opportunity, would do the same.

Which option would you stay?