British Clothing Chain Opens in Stockholm

Our Latino colleague Diego writes about the British clothing chain Reiss is on the way to Sweden. In April, hitting first store will open the doors at Norrmalmstorg in Stockholm.

Diego has spoken with Christina Hewson on Reiss’s marketing department in London, says that the 450-square-foot store will house men’s and women’s clothing for the target group 23-40 years. For those who appreciate stylish fashion Reiss gets a little sharper addition to the Mid-Swedish market, where MQ and Brothers so far reigns. The difference is that Reiss is fully committed to its own brand. The first store opened in 1971 and today there are boutiques in New York, as well as Dubai.

According to this article in The Times, it is not really budgetary level of prices, but the site to judge,

even the detail touchy find satisfaction among the shelves of Reiss. Take a look at the picture next example.