BBB: Crosby Hallen & Cobb

Crosby Hallen & Cobb is an Italian brand with a distinct English feel. The garments have a preppy look and stuck out at the fair. We met the designer Alessandro Gramolini to find out what Crosby Hallen & Cobb really was.

Give us some background to the mark.
– The three names comes from three imaginary people we took out before we started the brand. Crosby is a jazz musician and is represented mainly by jackets, Hall is the inventor and shown through his pants while Cobb is a writer and mainly knitwear and t-shirts. The three should be seen as friends with the unique need to express themselves, and therefore sees the garments as they do.

What specific thoughts you had with this collection?
– This is our third collection and the inspiration has been taken from the 1930s. We do not follow fashion in this way, the garment is not directed to the fashion slaves in some way.

– The most important thing was that the collection would follow the three people that we put together. Crosby has a jacket that is a bit worn while Cobb has a shirt with cufflinks. We use fine materials like cashmere but has remained a somewhat raw and unpolished vintage feel of the clothes anyway.
In the current state sold Crosby hall & Cobb not in Scandinavia. But it would not surprise me if it shows up pretty soon. If you want to contact them directly, the Blue Jenius responsible.

See a slideshow of some of the garments here!
(The interview was one of the more remarkable date – Alessando spoke Italian with his assistant who translated into English and then immediately I translated into Swedish. A risk of any misunderstanding, then:)