Ankles, That Part of Many Bloggers Insesible

… Nose… What is this cold?

Every morning is more painful than the previous one, the cold Creek in my bones and I am incapable of thinking, coordinate my legs so they give two consecutive steps without having to complain of freezing the bathroom floor tiles and control myself so plenty of expletives that now we will not name do not come out of my mouth in a scream. It is winter, What do you expect? But eh! Sometimes seeing the bloggesfera seems to live a Californian winter, and in all their looks seems to be that their ankles are steel.

And is at all times ranging sheltered leaving that so precious part exposed: without socks or stockings or nothing to protect them. They desayunarán spinach every morning? And is that recently I wanted to emulate the operation… and babbooom! CAI ill four days.

So mental note: once again show us that these girls are not from this planet. With the title of blogger are a superior to ours where low temperatures do not dent in your day to day and can walk with strange mixes (cool, but to what deceive us) undeterred even a single second.

Are you of which does not notice the cold feet?