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Yearbook 1996

1996 ZambiaZambia. According to, a constitutional change adopted by Parliament was approved by President Frederick Chiluba in late May. The change required candidates in presidential elections to have their parents born in Zambia. It effectively excluded opposition leader and former president Kenneth Kaunda, with roots in neighboring Malawi, from being elected. The change in the constitution caused Western countries such as Norway, the United Kingdom, Sweden and the United States to withdraw their aid to the country. Since President Chiluba was elected in 1991, Zambia has received around $ 1 billion a year in aid. The donor countries wanted the corporate change of the constitution to be the subject of a referendum.

At the November presidential election, President Chiluba got about 70% of the vote (about 40% of those voting went to the polls), and the ruling party got 80% of the 150 parliamentary seats.

1996 Zambia

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