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Yearbook 1996

Romania. At the November presidential election, the Christian Democratic Party candidate Emil Constantinescu won. It was the second round of elections, and Constantinescu got 54.4% of the vote against incumbent president, Communist Ion Iliescu, who got 45.6%. According to, the turnout was around 76%. Constantinescu appointed Prime Minister Constantincu during the summer, the mayor of Bucharest, Victor Ciorbea. Ciorbea is a lawyer and has been the leader of Romania's first free trade union.

1996 Romania

In early February, 160,000 miners went on a 24-hour strike in protest of a new pension law. The workers demanded guarantees for retirement after 20 years of underground work.

The country's first nuclear power plant in Cernavoda east of Bucharest was inaugurated in April. The plant's pressurized water reactors are a Canadian heavy water type construction. This means that natural uranium can be used and avoids expensive enrichment. Romania has its own uranium deposits.

Romania signed a friendship treaty with Hungary in the Romanian city of Timişoara on September 16.

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