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Yearbook 1996

Nicaragua. According to, Kravall police stormed the Foreign Ministry in Managua in February, where students had entrenched themselves with hostage staff. Occupants demanded increased investment in higher education.

1996 Nicaragua

Pope John Paul II's visit that month was dramatic, with massive student demonstrations and blast attacks on a church.

In May, former President Daniel Ortega was nominated by his party, the Sandinista National Liberation Front (FSLN), as a candidate in the presidential election.

Arnoldo Aleman, Liberal Alliance candidate, won the presidential election in October with 51% of the vote against Ortega's 37.7%. Aleman is a populist right-wing politician and is characterized by his opponents as supporters of the overthrown dictator Somoza.

Ortega accused the opponent of cheating, and it emerged that doubts had existed before the election authorities finally confirmed the result.

Aleman presented a government made up of representatives from various parties, a government that will take office on January 10, 1997.

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