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Yearbook 1996

1996 MexicoMexico. While the government's peace talks with the Zapatist guerrillas in Chiapas continued during the year, on June 28, in the southern state of Guerrero, a new guerrilla, the People's Revolutionary Army (EPR), was set up to overthrow President Ernesto Zedillo's government. According to, the new guerrilla showcased an unexpected strength and struck in five different states during clashes with police and the establishment of roadblocks. Government forces went to massive counter-offensive in early July with about 10,000 soldiers. A second offensive was launched in late August, after the EPR launched coordinated attacks at seven locations in the southern coastal states of Oaxaca and Guerrero and near the capital Mexico City. The peace talks with the Zapatist guerrilla (EZLN) threatened to collapse in May, since the guerrillas proclaimed readiness for the contraction of the government forces at EZLN positions in southern Chiapas. The talks were resumed on June 10, but on August 29, the guerrilla leadership canceled the call round scheduled for September.

1996 Mexico

The country's economic problems continued to dry up. In January, the government was forced to intervene to save about 100 larger companies from bankruptcy. In February, figures from the Government Office showed that gross domestic product fell by 6.9% in 1995, the worst decline since 1932. About 150,000 people demonstrated on March 18 against the government's privatization plans for parts of the state oil group Pemex.

A crisis within the Governmental Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) sailed up and worsened during December. Justice Minister Antonio Lozano resigned at the beginning of the month after he was severely criticized for failing to resolve several high-level political murders. Party chairman Santiago Onate Labor departed a few days later after leading the party for just under a year and a half. Shortly thereafter, the state of Veracruz, former governor Dante Delgado Rannuaro, was arrested on suspicion of tax evasion. Delgado had left PRI a few weeks earlier and joined a smaller left-wing party. Information in the Mexican press claimed that Delgado was punished for political disloyalty. A PRI revolt against the proposed electoral reform in November became a political defeat for the president.

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