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Yearbook 1996

Ecuador. In January, President Sixto Durán Ballén declared the country in a state of mobilization and summoned troops to secure law and order in the face of the threat of actions by electricians against the privatization of parts of the state electricity industry. A transport workers' strike in the capital Quito in March spread to other sectors before it was relieved, after the government agreed to compensate workers for wages lost when buses were taken out of service for service.

1996 Ecuador

According to, Abdalá Bucaram Ortiz of the Ecuadorian Roldosista Party (Partido Roldosista Ecuatoriano, PRE) was elected president with 54.5% of the vote in the crucial second round in July. Bucaram was a former Olympic hurdler. He has distinguished himself for spectacular and unconventional performances and proudly bears the nickname "Madman". At the same time, Ecuador got its first female vice president, Rosalia Arteaga. In the elections to the country's House of Representatives, the right-wing Socialist Christian Party (Partido Social Cristiano, PSC) conquered 27 seats, PRE 19 and the center-left Party Democracy (Democracia Popular, DP) 12. The formerly dominant Socialist Democratic Left (Izquierda Democrática, ID) received only four mandates.

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