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Yearbook 1996

1996 DenmarkDenmark. According to, Denmark's relations with the EU were a hot topic in 1996. When discussing a possible accession to EMU, Denmark's right to be excluded if the country so chooses. A legal examination of whether the country's accession to the Maastricht Treaty and the EU contravenes the Constitution was also initiated following a notification by Danish EU opponents. The trial in the Supreme Court could take several years and affect the negotiations on the EU's continued work initiated by the IGC in the autumn. In anticipation of a verdict, Denmark had difficulty ratifying already signed agreements, especially those that could be interpreted to give increased power to the EU and diminished power to the countries themselves, which complicated the work in the EU. As the EU treaty began to be renegotiated, the debate on a new referendum on EU membership flared up again.

1996 Denmark

During the autumn, the so-called Rushdi business was also developed, caused by the government's decision not to grant Iranian author Salman Rushdie entry permit when he was to receive a European Literature Prize in Copenhagen. The reason was that they were not considered to be able to guarantee his safety. After a storm, both domestically and abroad, the government was forced to change. The deal had consequences in the parliament, where the two left parties Socialist People's Party and the Unity List saved the government from a distrust vote.

The days before Christmas, the Center Democrats left the government coalition. Prime Minister Nyrup Rasmussen presented a new government on December 30, consisting of six representatives from Radical Venstre and 15 from the Social Democracy.

Economically, 1996 was a good year for Denmark. Continued growth, combined with falling unemployment figures, helped the government to present a balanced budget for the first time in a long time.

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