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Yearbook 1996

Cyprus. According to, there is no solution to the Cyprus divide between Greeks and Turks. A peaceful settlement between the ethnic groups is necessary for the island's planned negotiations for membership in the EU, but antagonism was soon reinforced in 1996. Two Greek Cypriots were killed and eighty injured in August in the riots that occurred when a few hundred motorcycle-born protesters crossed the so-called green line. between Greek and Turkish territory. A protester was beaten to death by Turkish counter-protesters, and in continuing protests a few days later, another Greek Cypriot was shot to death by Turkish Cypriot border guards as he tried to tear down a Turkish flag. In September, a Turkish Cypriot border guard was shot to death, and in October a Greek Cypriot man was killed as he entangled himself in Turkish territory.

1996 Cyprus

Parliamentary elections in the Greek Cypriot part of the island in May resulted in the sitting government coalition consisting of the Democratic Assembly (Dimokratikos Synagermos) and the Democratic Party (Dimokratiko Komma) retaining power.

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