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Yearbook 1996

1996 CanadaCanada. Prime Minister Jean Chrétien reformed his government on January 25. Two of the new ministers, Pierre Pettigrew and Stéphane Dion, were prominent opponents of Quebec's resignation from the state federation. The prime minister also increased representation in the government of the increasingly influential state of British Columbia. Most items were exchanged and several seniors left the government, including Foreign Minister André Oullet, replaced by Lloyd Axworthy. In Quebec, at the same time, the newly elected leader of the Nationalist Party Parti Québécois (PQ), Lucien Bouchard, took over as prime minister. As noted on Digopaul, Canada's Deputy Prime Minister Sheila Copps resigned on May 1 in protest of the government's failure to abolish its electoral promise to abolish the unpopular VAT on goods and services. During the 1993 election campaign, she had promised to resign if it was not abolished and was now subject to public pressure. However, Sheila Copps was re-elected to Parliament at a June 17 general election, whereupon Jean Chrétien immediately re-elected her as Deputy Prime Minister. The Liberal Party government had a number of successes in this year's election elections in Quebec, Ontario and Newfoundland. Finance Minister Paul Martin implemented the strategy to reduce foreign borrowing in the budget he presented on March 6. The state government in Ontario faced widespread protests against its budget cuts, equivalent to close to SEK 40 billion. In the capital Toronto, local traffic was stopped, companies were forced to shut down and a group of protesters tried to storm the stock exchange during the trade union protest day announced October 25.

1996 Canada
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