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Yearbook 1996

Bolivia. Unrest in the labor market gained momentum in January, when the central organization Central Obrera Boliviana (COB) announced a 24-hour general strike aimed at the government's austerity policy. Hundreds of workers and peasants were arrested following clashes with police.

1996 Bolivia

At the same time, the government's efforts were met to prompt the coca growers to move to other crops with hunger strikes and demonstrations. A group of female cocoa growers marched from the Chapare region to La Paz. A second month-long general strike in the spring focused on the sale of the country's eastern railway to a Chilean company. For two weeks in the fall, La Paz was paralyzed by new strikes and demonstrations, involving over 20,000 Indians. The actions ceased in early October, after the government reached an agreement with Native American leaders on comprehensive land reform.

According to, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) disbursed loans granted to Bolivia during the previous year. In mid-May, President Gonzálo Sánchez de Lozada visited Sweden and had discussions with Prime Minister Göran Persson to elicit support in the fight against drugs.

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