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Yearbook 1996

Azerbaijan. According to, President Gejdar Alijev on July 19 accused the country's government of corruption and failed economic policy. According to him, the corruption was so widespread that the important oil industry had difficulty attracting foreign investors. Prime Minister Fuad Kulijev resigned shortly thereafter, along with the Deputy Prime Minister and several other ministers and senior officials. Artur Rasizade was appointed new Prime Minister in November.

The Christian breaker club Nagorno-Karabach went to his first general presidential election in November. The election was seen as an important part of the struggle for independence. Large demonstrations against the elections were held in Azerbaijan, and both the United States and the Russian Federation warned of the negative consequences of the election. War hero Robert Kotjarjan got 85% of the vote and was elected president. The conflict between Azerbaijan. and Armenia on the affiliation of the enclave remained unresolved during the year. Armenia claims the enclave because many Armenians live in the area. When the OSCE European Security Council held a summit in Lisbon in December, the representatives of the 54 assembled states could not agree on a joint statement on the conflict.

1996 Azerbaijan


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